Christian Fournet (1952 – 2024)


Son of an engineering physicist and a soprano mother, Christian Fournet graduated from ESAJ (Landscape Architecture School) in 1977 and started his landscaping agency at the age of 25. His passion for landscaping came from his childhood. To avoid his musical practice, too frequent for his own taste, he used to escape in his family garden in the Parisian suburb. From an early age, he has become acquainted with that haven by observing the seasonal changes, the plant architecture and their growth dynamic.

All the private gardens designed by Christian Fournet are a testimony of his attention to details and formal elegance.

Prioritising sobriety over exuberance and balancing the concept with the fact, he endeavours to develop an original design, which has become his signature for more than 40 years: to create simple yet elegant gardens, which combine aesthetic with poetry and lightness.

Christian Fournet brings together passion, sensitivity and a proven aesthetic geared towards excellence. Upon the mention of his latest work, highly praised in the press, it is obvious that he has the soul of a gardener. Beyond being subtle, his style never fails to surprise, establishing itself as the answer to the challenge of déjà-vu.

Emotions and privacy are at the core of his gardens. Each garden moves with the times and are unique, while offering a luxury experience and escapism. You walk through them like in a family garden, steeped in the history of their owners.

Called upon to work on residences, some overlooking nature and others embracing the city, he relies on his 40-year partnership with talented craftsmen, nurserymen and horticulturists.

Today, there are more than 100 private gardens in France, Spain, Italy and Morocco, which bear witness to the rich and diverse body of work, inherited from the biggest European landscapers.

In 2020, Christian Fournet merged his company with the MUGO group to open a new chapter in its history.


  • Winner of the Victoires du Paysage 2012, bronze medal in the category of private gardens over 500m2 - garden of Glanville, Calvados
  • Winner of the Victoires du Paysage 2010, gold medal in the Business category - patio Novotel, Paris I
  • Jardins, jardin aux Tuileries 2010, Innovation Award for Carrément
  • Jardins, jardin aux Tuileries 2012, Scenography Award for pour Entrelacs


The gardens of Christian Fournet, 16 gardens from here and elsewhere (The gardens of Christian Fournet, 16 gardens from here and elsewhere) .
Texts by Bénédicte Boudassou, photos by Sophie Lloyd.